A glimplse of some of my work from my Freelancing, short contracts and full-time work.

Web design

Here is a showcase of my work in the web varying from websites, banner ads and mobile view.


Here is a showcase of my Print work from different marketing materials and promotions


Here is a showcase of my Illustration that is done for the web and print



About me


First Journey

When I started college I didn't really know that art is in my line until I finished it and enjoyed the ride. I started myself in the publication doing magazine and then I found the internet. It was just like the magazine I am doing but interactive and looks fun. I started learning it and dugged deeper to html and all the webpage world. I found myself so excited with css and how it can manipulate a page. It was so much more than just doing print art because after conceptualizing an idea, you make it happen in an electronic screen for millions and millions of viewers. That's where I started.

What I Do

I can say I am mixed between a designer and a coder. I'm a designer at heart for websites, UI interface, print designer and I try my best to solve the many hurdles.

Here is a summary of what I do:

  • Years of experience in Web design, Sharepoint/Office 365, SEO Web marketing, Banner Ad, email blast promotion, interactive PDF forms and design, Wireframe and mock-up prototype, UX - User Experience techniques
  • 10 years Sharepoint Developer/ Sharepoint Administration: Sharepoint 2007 - 2016 & Office 365
  • 20 years experience in web
  • Design Front-End Framework Foundation and Bootstrap for responsive website
  • Designing websites in Joomla and Wordpress
  • Develop PDF fill-in forms using Adobe LiveCycle and InfoPath (Sharepoint)
  • Print media

Contact info

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